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Here are some quick notes that I took that summarize the message of a few product videos on Kickstarter which I thought were particularly executed well.     Boosted Boards (3:04 mins) Reimagine an already existing product; explain the key product idea in one sentence show quick design montage describe problem, area for improvement how does the product solve this in one sentence describe reasons why so great; features (easier for ppl to learn) partnerships important to keep good product brought other things to market? this doesnt...

Here is a Press Release that we created for some clients of ours. I hope you find it helpful in demonstrating what a good press release and press packet should contain. ------------------------ Cinefex Classic Kickstarter Press Release Pre-order Date Announced for Cinefex Classic, an iPad App for Back Issues of Cinefex New Scribbler Press announced today that they are licensing over thirty years worth of the most rare and costly issues of Cinefex collection and bringing it to the iPad, which...

There's an interesting tension between money and fundamental human rights. In the articles of the US Constitution we enfranchise and recognize fundamental human rights as being universal constants, independent of other forces such as authority, power or coercive control. At the same time we live in a capitalist economy that while inefficient in distribution of wealth has allowed sufficient personal incentive to keep participants invested where say other systems did not. But, the inequities in money recently are...