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Crowdfunding strategists help people make more informed decisions when planning their goals, designing reward tiers, assessing and engaging their community and other promotional resources, and of course executing the campaign itself.


Through a series of one-on-one consulting sessions, Goal Vaulting help you prepare and run your campaign. We’ll advise you on a number of strategic elements, including:



GOALS – Who are you? What are you trying to achieve? Is crowdfunding right for you?

users6 YOUR CROWD – Do you have the numbers to achieve your goals? If not, how can you leverage your current social networks, and help find strategic allies/collaborators?

heart341IDEAL BACKERS – Reaching people who believe in your project. Who are they and how will you find them?

loudspeaker41 PITCH – Crafting the story about you and your project. How will you tell your story, and what message will resonate with your ideal backer?

film62 VIDEO – One of the most important assets to a winning campaign! What elements make a compelling pitch video that potential backers will watch until the end?

budget BUDGETING – Determining how much to raise based on budget needs. What areas will be the most beneficial for spending your budget? How much will your rewards cost you?

gift85 REWARDS – Designing donation tiers and creative rewards that your crowd wants and at prices they will pay.

network65 PR & MARKETING – All the elements that can contribute to a winning campaign— leveraging volunteers, event planning, press & blogs, social media, email outreach, strategic partnerships, and more.

Crowdfunding services we offer:

If you’re interested in launching a crowdfunding project, we offer strategic consulting to help guide your success. We are available for individual consulting sessions as an ongoing coach/assistant throughout the campaign, or even executing the campaign itself.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1.  Fill out our intake survey and answer the questions as to the best of your ability and extensively as you can. The information that you provide will be vital in helping us determine whether or not a crowdfunding campaign is right for you.
  •  Step 2. Next we will contact you and schedule a free consultation where we discuss your project, fundraising needs, and determine if you’d like to go ahead with a campaign and if we will work together.
  • Step 3. Finally, we will discuss your consulting needs and payment structure. Goal Vaulting has two options for our consulting services:

HourlyBook consulting time by the hour ($200 regular, $100 non-profit rate) – This is the best option for those who need a just a few hours of strategy to get you started, and perhaps a few more hours during the campaign.



10% Commission + RetainerVaries. If you would like Goal Vaulting to be much more hands on with your campaign, including guiding it from start to finish, then this is the best option for you. For a more substantial percentage of the campaign, we will join your team for the duration of the campaign planning and implementation, working with you to produce the assets and manage the campaign. We offer this in exchange for a modest portion of the total amount raised, with a deposit up-front. (Note: We only take on 1 of these per month maximum.)

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